CNC Hydraulic Press Brake EHPsh (Servo Hybrid)

Hydraulic pistons are being driven by AC servo motors and highly efficient servo motor.

No hydraulic position valves mean more precision & lesser maintenance and no pressure loss.

While hydraulic pumps works continuously all the day on other press brakes - in this energy is consumed when foot pedal is pressed and press beam moves for bending.

There is no consumption of energy when machine is idle.

Y1- Y2 axis have independent oil tanks. Vary quantity of oil required much lesser than regular machine.

High press beam repeatability = ± 0.02mm.

Accurate press beam depth adjustment = 0.01mm.

Working speeds increases when the tonnage reduce.

Two linear scales for continuous feed back for position of the press beam.

Accurately welded and stress relieved frame.

Electrical & Hydraulic safeties as per the norms.


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