CNC Hydraulic Press Brake EHPsh 25 (Servo Hybrid)

Rigidly welded frame is designed to bear maximum load with minimum deflection and each machine frame is stress relieved for better performance.

Single set-up machining ensures very high tolerances on working surfaces.

Very accurate press beam depth adjustment to accuracy of 0.01mm with 100% repeatability.

Feedback mechanism is through linear glass scale.

High speed and accurate positioning is achieved with servo motor and high efficient pump.

The press beam is precisely & rigidly guided on both the sides through hardened LM guides.

The 25T CNC servo Press brake saves energy as no power is consumed when machine is idle, resulting in very less heating and long life of hydraulic elements.

This machine is complete with all the desired features of CNC Hydraulic Press Brake like Direct Angle programming,pressure control, backguage control, angle correction, UDP control, mute point, dwell time, speed control, tool library & product library etc.
All electrical & Hydraulic safeties are as per standard norms.


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