CNC Hydraulic Press Brake EHPe

Machine is designed with down stroke press beam working.

Rigidly welded steel frame ensuring minimum deflection underload.

Full electronic synchronization with advanced proportional valve technology to ensure continuous monitoring and correction of the press beam and precise control of the parallelism through CNC system.

Press beam parallelism and positioning is monitored through two high resolution linear glass scales.

Very accurate and precise stroke depth adjustment to accuracy of ± 0.01mm.
Y1-Y2 beam tilting provision of upper press beam upto ± 10mm.

Off-centre bending facility on machine without any damage to the guiding system.

Graphical programming, graphical bend sequence and blank length computation ensures ease of operation.

Operator friendly features like direct angle programming, angle correction, automatic tonnage calculations, speed controls, stroke length adjustment,dwell/hold time adjustment, decompression distance and decompressions speed , programmable backguage with retraction ensures flexibility and very low set up and time.

Single set machining of the frame structures guarantees in very accurate parallelism along the length of the machine between the lower table and upper press beam.

Adaptability to modular tooling system and application friendly 60mm table.

Safety regulations as per the norms.

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