CNC Hydraulic Press Brake EHP

EHP series combines proven and reliable repeatability and ease of use with performance and versatility of CNC hydraulic press brakes to deliver maximum productivity and accuracy.

Rigidly welded & stress relieved steel frame is designed for minimum deflection under full load conditions.

Design of the "EHP" series is based on S.B.R (Synchronized Bed Reference) principle with Y1-Y2 control for perfect parallelism between both the sides of press beam.

Down stroking press beam is provided with two high resolution linear glass scales for feedback to maintain stroke depth adjustment upto 0.01mm.

Cylinders from high quality forged steel are precisely honed. Pistons are hard chromed for longer life.

Machining of frames is done in single set-up on highly accurate CNC floor borers.

The machines are designed to adapt both European and Promecam style tooling.

Use of the pressure proportional technology enables that the machine operates with calculated force as per the parameters fed , hence saving power and reduced wear & tear over long use.

EHP "series " is with beam inclination possibility to ensure accurate bending results for material with variation due to rolling and hardness tolerances.

EHP series offers features such as Direct Angle Programming, Angle correction, Dwell time, Mute point, Pressure control, UPD control, ecompression distance & Speed, Backguage settings and retraction Speed controls to enable ease of operation and flexibility to bend accurately.

Parallelity & perpendicularity between the upper beam and lower table is in tight tolerances to ensure accurate bending results.

Various backguage, controller & crowning options are available.

Electrical & Hydraulic safeties are as per standard industrial norms.

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